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Commonly Asked Questions

There are multiple options. You can try a combination of them, or just one. These are simply recommendations, some equipment/materials may react differently and we urge caution with any of the below steps.

  • Take oxyclean and hot water in a tub. Rinse and repeat until water is basically clear. Let equipment air dry ( Do not do your pads)
  • Leave out in sunlight
  • Large capacity front load washer. (no agitator) Put the chest protector in 2-xl mesh laundry bags and toss in the washer along with everything else but the skates, mask and leg pads. Warm water, OXY based detergent, Lysol laundry disinfectant and go. Spin cycle Will pretty much cut your drying time down to a day at most.
  • Hot water in bathtub with oxy clean and dish detergent, white vinegar if you’re really thorough. Let soak, then agitate. Rinse, drain tub and repeat until water is mostly clear. Dry with fan or outside in sun. Then spray with 1/4 90% isopropyl alcohol/water mix after every use and air dry to prevent additional bacteria build up/smell. Start from new and your gear will never stink.
  • Scotch guard fabric cleaner for the white that turns yellow.

Partial Keeps method (USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION & ADULT SUPERVISION), after I use it I just put a 25lb weight across it. Helps Crease the glove very quickly. (I usually put a small towel between the weight and the glove)


Most of this is preference based. There is no right or wrong answer as some people are more comfortable using larger sticks, while some people like the shorter ones for more control. I have noticed that the larger the stick, the larger the 7 hole becomes when butterflying. Also, the stick blade tends to not stay flush to the ice exposing more 5 hole as well. It really comes down to experimentation and what you are most comfortable using.
The most accurate way to measure for the correct size pads is to measure your ATK or FTK . Ankle to knee or foot to knee. You can youtube or google on the proper way to measure for each one


Try Mr Clean Magic Eraser or any melomine sponge and lectra shave. Make sure to wipe down the pads with water and a clean rag after using the lectra shave. Test on small area before full application.

Recent Reviews via The Thin Red Line YouTube